Hand to God opens at The Jungle Theater! by Eric Sharp


Eric makes his debut tonight as Timmy in Christina Baldwin's Minneapolis premiere of HAND TO GOD at the Jungle Theater. A wickedly funny dark comedy, Robert Askins play follows Jason (played by Riley O'Toole) as he deals with his wayward hand puppet Tyrone who has plans of his own for the church basement puppet ministry troupe he's been forced to join. Get your tickets at www.jungletheater.com before they sell out!

Middle Brother heads to KC by Eric Sharp

 Photos © Michal Daniel, courtesy of Mu Performing Arts

Photos © Michal Daniel, courtesy of Mu Performing Arts

Eric will be in Kansas City September 12, 2016 to direct a staged reading of his play Middle Brother! For those of you playing along at home, the show premiered at Mu Performing Arts in 2014 and featured an all Asian American cast including (4 Korean adoptees). We're thrilled to bring the play to a new audience, and more importantly to celebrate with Tradewind Arts as they build capacity and momentum for the Asian American theater scene in Kansas City!

Know folks in the KC area that might be interested in a jet-setting imaginative story about a Midwestern Korean adoptee that reunites with his older birth brother? Send 'em our way!  GET TICKETS HERE



Middle Brother was in development for over three years from 2011–14. The play started from a conversation with former Mu Performing Arts artistic director Rick Shiomi, and was subsequently developed through the Mu/Jerome New Performance Project.

Hello there! by Eric Sharp

Thanks for stopping by WorkSharp.org. We are glad you're here. Word on the street is that we have some exciting projects coming up just down the road.

FAIR WARNING: This is not going to be a pretentious website. We are going to have fun, because it costs too much to maintain a straight face all the time.

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Eric Sharp has no memory of ever throwing up. Not even in college.
 This is Eric's "welcome to my new website" face.

This is Eric's "welcome to my new website" face.